Hearing Loops at 101 Kinney Drug Stores

Hearing Loops Unlimited provides another ADA-compliant hearing loop solution.

Donald Bataille, Architect and Owner of Hearing Loops Unlimited worked with Kinney Drug Stores to provide a hearing loop system that met Kinney Drug Store patrons hearing needs. Each of the 101 Kinney Drug store locations were equipment with a counter-top or point of service hearing loop and a specifically designed directional microphone that eliminates back ground noise. The hearing loop system meets ADA and IEC 60811.4 requirements ensuring correct signal levels are received by the patron. The hearing loop allows the Pharmacist to speak at a normal voice level, ensure the patron understands the information conveyed and maintain privacy concerns..

Press Releases:

From NY Attorney General's office:
hearing loops Kinney Drugs attorney general
From Kinney Drugs:
Kinney Drugs hearing loop installation