Digital Hearing Loop Drivers

"Hearing loop systems solve the problem of undesired distraction by amplifying only the desired sound."

Digital technology options used in hearing aids, cell phones, etc., provide hearing aid and CI users an increased number of options and features to enhance their communication experience. Hearing loops have entered the digital age with hearing loop drivers that provide an array of features that were not available earlier. Contacta Hearing Loop Systems recently launched their HLD series digital hearing loop drivers with some very interesting improvements. Physically, the HLD digital hearing loop drivers look very different and are about a third of the size of earlier hearing loop drivers. The input and loop signal controls and LED indication lights are located on the front of the unit for ease of set up and calibration. The new units require less current are more energy efficient and meet the full IEC standard.

microphone with hearing loop

The most interesting feature is improved performance capability, especially at high frequency levels where music is heard. Music is becoming a major part of hearing loop use and the HLD series responds accordingly. At a recent blind listening event using an average sized loop that fit all of the vendors’ model requirements, the overwhelming comment when listening to music was: ‘the HLD7 driver reproduces music like it was meant to be heard’; that’s music to my ears!

contacta driver hld7

The HLD series produces a solid clean distortion free signal and can be set up in tandem for larger venues or a phased array hearing loop designed to provide an excellent loop signal at different listening heights. This translates into greater hearing loop design flexibility meeting venue requirements at a lower cost. The HLD7 can be experienced at the Memorial Art Gallery Auditorium, United Church of Pittsford, Community of Our Savior Church on Mt Hope and the newly renovated Ontario Room, Al Sigl Center in the Rochester, NY area and the Zion Episcopal Church in Greene NY.